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FAQ: Does the program provide intervention materials?

FAQ: Does the program provide intervention materials?

Strategies for working with students who struggle are provided in Chapter 5 of the Assessment and Intervention Guide.

The program infuses strategies for sheltered instruction to support EL, Title-1, Special Education, and highly capable students. These embedded strategies include:

  • Clearly defined language objectives,
  • Integration of listening, speaking, and writing,
  • Instruction in key vocabulary,
  • Explicit instruction,
  • Modeling using think-aloud,
  • Consistent use of scaffolding,
  • Supplemental media support,
  • Visual aids,
  • Differentiation of text,
  • Cooperative pairs and groups,
  • Higher-level thinking skills; and
  • High levels of student engagement.

For students who need more than scaffolds listed above, the Assessment and Intervention Guide (Chapter 5) provides additional strategies for supporting students who struggle.

Intervention strategies provided in the program:

  • Decoding (Decoding by Analogy),
  • Fluency (Dyad Reading),
  • Vocabulary & Comprehension (Extended mini-lessons, conference scripts).

The program is designed to support Tier 1 & Tier 2 instruction.

For students in Tier 3, you may need to supplement or replace the book club portion of the curriculum to meet the needs of these students. 


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