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4th Grade Curriculum

The 4th grade curriculum in the Read Side by Side Reading Program explores the topic of a journey: a personal journey and a literal journey. Students will learn about the social studies topic of westward expansion, the Klondike Gold Rush, and the pioneering spirit. The curriculum design combines read-aloud, differentiated book clubs, and extended reading to increase success!

4th Grade Full Curriculum

Find everything you need here to outfit a new fourth grade classroom with the Read Side by Side Reading Program. This set includes:

4th Grade Teacher Bundle

4th Grade Student Book Bundle (for 12 students)

4th Grade Consumable Bundle (for 12 students)

4th Grade Reading Specialist Bundle

Minerva local schools has been using the Read Side by Side Reading Program for grades 3-5, and we love it!
4th Grade Teacher, OH
I have used book clubs in my classroom previously, but they were unorganized and didn't have much individual accountability. Now, I have the tools to turn them into engaging, challenging experiences for all of my readers.
4th Grade Teacher, WA
This curriculum has been the transforming element of our classroom this year!  Kids beg to read the books and I can already tell the students made so much progress.
4th Grade Teacher, MN

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We are confident that the Read Side by Side Reading Program will be the right fit for your next curriculum adoption! To learn more about the program and request a sample kit, connect with one of our advisors!