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5.2.3 X The Great Gilly Hopkins 6-Pack


The one thing Gilly wants is a home of her own. If only she could find her mother, Courtney, and live with her. Instead, she finds herself in yet another ugly foster home, the responsibility of frumpy Maime Trotter, who is almost illiterate. How can the great Gilly Hopkins be expected to tolerate Maime, or a freaky foster brother named William Ernest? Or the poetry-loving black man who lives next door but is considered part of the “family”?

At first Gilly despises them all. Then she finds herself being slowly drawn into their circle of love. But if there’s anything her short life has taught her, it’s that a person’s got to be tough. Determined not to care, Gilly engineers her own rescue. Unfortunately the rescue doesn’t turn out the way Gilly plans and she realizes too late that she never really wanted to be rescued at all – she just wanted to be wanted.

Above grade level title