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3.4 Glory Be 6-Pack


For Gloriana June Hemphill, life in Hanging Moss, Mississippi, is filled with doodlebugs, iced tea, and fireworks on her birthday, the Fourth of July. But the summer of 1964 is different. Glory, as everyone knows her, is eager to turn twelve. There are times, though, when she wishes she could turn back the clock a year. Maybe it’s the new girl from the North – with her black socks and clodhopper sandals – that’s got everyone out of sorts. Or maybe it’s the debate about whether or not the town should keep the segregated public pool open. It seems the answers to Glory’s questions about the pool keep changing. Now she’s got to summon the courage to find out what’s really true and who’s lying.

In the tradition of American Southern storytelling, author Augusta Scattergood has drawn on real-life events to create a memorable novel about family, friendship, and choices that aren’t always easy.