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4.5 Aurore of the Yukon 6-Pack


“She’s just a girl!” shouted Windy Bill.

When Aurore hears these words, she knows notorious Alaskan bandit Soapy Smith is about to find out everything. How will she get her mother’s money back now? How will she expose Soapy and his gang? How will she escape?

Aurore, her mother and little brother have set off for Uncle Thibault’s lodge in the Yukon after the death of Aurore’s father, little knowing they are headed for the Klondike Gold Rush and the adventure of a lifetime.

Aurore must dig deeper, think harder and be braver than she ever thought possible. With some help from her Tlingit friend Louise and a Yukon river boy named Kip, she sets off to show Soapy and his gang what a girl can do.

“Well, she outsmarted you!” replied Soapy Smith with a snarl, opening the door to Aurore’s hiding place…

Set in the historic Klondike Gold Rush of 1989, and inspired by a real girl’s story, Aurore of the Yukon is an exciting adventure written to both entertain and educate young readers.