4th Grade Classroom Bundle

4th Grade Classroom Bundle

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Everything you need for a full year of teaching C. I. A.!

4th Grade Classroom Bundle includes: (1) 4.1 Read Aloud Guide, (30) Shiloh, (1) 4.1 Book Club Guide, (10) Shoeshine Girl, (10) Because of Winn-Dixie, (10) How to Steal a Dog, (1) 4.2 Read Aloud Guide, (30) The Castle in the Attic, (1) 4.2 Book Club Guide, (10) The Weeping Werewolf, (10) The Dragonslayers, (10) Into the Land of the Unicorns, (1) 4.3 Read Aloud Guide, (30) Streams to the River, River to the Sea, (1) 4.3 Book Club Guide, (30) Going Along with Lewis and Clark, (1) 4.4 Read Aloud Guide, (30) Children of the Gold Rush, (1) 4.4 Book Club Guide, (10) The Year of Miss Agnes, (10) Riding Freedom, (10) The Sign of the Beaver, (1) 4.5 Read Aloud Guide, (30) Aurore of the Yukon, (1) 4.5 Book Club Guide, (30) The Kids Book of Canada's Railway, Shiloh Book Box, The Castle in the Attic Book Box, Streams to the River, River to the Sea Book Box, Children of the Gold Rush Book Box, Aurore of the Yukon Book Box, (150) Book Club Notebooks, (1) 4th Grade poster set, (1) C. I. A. poster set, and shelving to store it all!

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Note: Aurore of the Yukon Book Box is currently out of stock and will ship September 2019.