3rd Grade Classroom Bundle

3rd Grade Classroom Bundle

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Everything you need for a full year of teaching C. I. A.!

3rd Grade Classroom Bundle includes: (1) 3.1 Read Aloud Guide, (30) Poppy, (1) 3.2 Read Aloud Guide, (30) The War with Grandpa, (1) 3.2 Book Club Guide, (10) Marvin Redpost: Why Pick on Me?, (10) Jake Drake: Bully Buster, (10) Beezus and Ramona, (1) 3.3 Read Aloud Guide, (30) Martin Luther King Jr., (1) 3.3 Book Club Guide, (10) I Am Rosa Parks, (10) Rosa Parks, (10) A True Book: Rosa Parks, (1) 3.4 Read Aloud Guide, (30) Glory Be, (1) 3.4 Book Club Guide, (10) Julian's Glorious Summer, (10) Abby Takes a Stand, (10) Freedom Train, (1) 3.5 Read Aloud Guide, (30) Maniac Magee, (1) 3.5 Book Club Guide, (10) Fudge-a-Mania, (10) The Way to Stay in Destiny, (10) Swindle, Poppy Book Box, The War With Grandpa Book Box, Martin Luther King Jr. Book Box, Glory Be Book Box, Maniac Magee Book Box, (120) Book Club Notebooks, (1) 3rd Grade poster set, (1) C. I. A. poster set, and shelving to store it all!

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Note: Maniac Magee Book Box is currently out of stock and will ship September 2019.