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6th Grade Curriculum

The 6th grade curriculum in the Read Side by Side Reading Program explores the topic of the American Dream. Students will learn about the social studies topic of the Great Depression through early World War II; they will study the movement of people and the push and pull factors that cause people to move. The curriculum design combines read-aloud, differentiated book clubs, and extended reading to increase success!

6th Grade Full Curriculum

Find everything you need here to outfit a new sixth grade classroom with the Read Side by Side Reading Program. This set includes:

6th Grade Teacher Bundle

6th Grade Student Book Bundle (for 12 students)

6th Grade Consumable Bundle (for 12 students)

6th Grade Reading Specialist Bundle

This teaching and learning curriculum makes total sense! Thank you for creating something so powerful and sustainable!
6th Grade Teacher, WA
It is great to finally find a flexible program that can be used by itself or along with any other program presently used. Also - I am thrilled with the built in motivation to read!
Support Teacher, OH
This approach to reading gives struggling readers a key to unlocking the mystery of more complex text. It empowers students to become independent, successful readers!
6th Grade Teacher, WA

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